Nellore Gold rates today

Today 21-Sep-23 Gold Rate in Nellore,

Gold1 Gram8 Gram10 Gram
22 Carat₹ 5536₹ 44288₹ 55360
24 Carat₹ 6026₹ 48208₹ 60260
22 Carat Gold rate on 21-Sep-23 for Nellore is ₹ 5536 Per Gram and 24 Carat Gold rate in Nellore is ₹ 6026.
8 grams of 22 Carat gold rate is ₹ 44288 and 24 carat gold rate is 48208 Rupees. Where as 10 grams of Gold rate for 22 Carat in Nellore is ₹ 55360 and 24 Carat Gold rate is 60260.

Recent Gold Rate Changes in Nellore

Date 22 Ct (1 gram) 24 Ct (1 gram) 22Ct (8 gram) 24Ct (8 gram)
20-Sep-23Rs. 5551Rs. 6046Rs. 44408Rs. 48368
19-Sep-23Rs. 5551Rs. 6046Rs. 44408Rs. 48368
18-Sep-23Rs. 5531Rs. 6026Rs. 44248Rs. 48208
17-Sep-23Rs. 5521Rs. 6011Rs. 44168Rs. 48088
16-Sep-23Rs. 5521Rs. 6011Rs. 44168Rs. 48088
15-Sep-23Rs. 5501Rs. 5991Rs. 44008Rs. 47928
1-Sep-23Rs. 5536Rs. 6026Rs. 44288Rs. 48208

Historical Gold Rate Trend in Nellore

Date 22 Ct (1 gram) 24 Ct (1 gram) 22Ct (8 gram) 24Ct (8 gram)
1-Aug-23Rs. 5571Rs. 6071Rs. 44568Rs. 48568
1-Jul-23Rs. 5446Rs. 5936Rs. 43568Rs. 47488
1-Jun-23Rs. 5601Rs. 6096Rs. 44808Rs. 48768
1-May-23Rs. 5601Rs. 6096Rs. 44808Rs. 48768
1-Apr-23Rs. 5531Rs. 6066Rs. 44248Rs. 48528
1-Mar-23Rs. 5191Rs. 5686Rs. 41528Rs. 45488
1-Feb-23Rs. 5356Rs. 5876Rs. 42848Rs. 47008
1-Jan-23Rs. 5121Rs. 5516Rs. 40968Rs. 44128
1-Dec-22Rs. 4951Rs. 5336Rs. 39608Rs. 42688
1-Nov-22Rs. 4665Rs. 5047Rs. 37320Rs. 40376
1-Oct-22Rs. 4670Rs. 5047Rs. 37360Rs. 40376
1-Sep-22Rs. 4655Rs. 5032Rs. 37240Rs. 40256
1-Aug-22Rs. 4715Rs. 5110Rs. 37720Rs. 40880
1-Jul-22Rs. 4790Rs. 5177Rs. 38320Rs. 41416
1-Jun-22Rs. 4745Rs. 5127Rs. 37960Rs. 41016
1-May-22Rs. 4848Rs. 5292Rs. 38784Rs. 42336
1-Apr-22Rs. 4908Rs. 5287Rs. 39264Rs. 42296
1-Apr-22Rs. 4908Rs. 5287Rs. 39264Rs. 42296
1-Mar-22Rs. 4896Rs. 5261Rs. 39168Rs. 42088
1-Feb-22Rs. 4630Rs. 4995Rs. 37040Rs. 39960
1-Jan-22Rs. 4657Rs. 5022Rs. 37256Rs. 40176
1-Dec-21Rs. 4586Rs. 4949Rs. 36688Rs. 39592
1-Nov-21Rs. 4591Rs. 4954Rs. 36728Rs. 39632
1-Oct-21Rs. 4466Rs. 4829Rs. 35728Rs. 38632

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How Gold Rate is Fixed in Nellore ?

Please find the below criteria to fix the daily gold rate. This is apart from the Shop keeper wastages and GST.
Gold Rate in International market + US Dollar Currency Conversion + Gold import Tax = Indian Gold rate provides the gold rate based on the available data from the regional sellers, there may be variation in price from time to time, hence kindly verify the gold rates with respective seller near by in Nellore